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The Festival 2013 

Welcoming Adresses


s_tillich.jpgDear festival goers,

storytelling is an ancient form of entertainment and education - from the epics by the Greek poet Homer, the medieval sagas of gods and heroes through to the orally transmitted folk tales that the Brothers Grimm collected and artfully adapted. Cinema has been the continuation of this tradition with technical means for a good 100 years.

Therefore, the educational programme for children and young people does not only include studying texts, but also films. The International Film Festival SCHLINGEL has provided a good forum for this task since 1996. Above all, it offers young visitors the opportunity to watch films that would otherwise not be shown in German cinemas. The films, whose heroes are children and young people, tell exciting stories and convey profound messages that can be understood everywhere in the world: for example, about the value of friendship and the love of home. Or simply the discovery that children in foreign countries may live differently, but they are not different from us.

I want to thank all those people who make this wonderful festival possible in financial and organisational terms, above all, the festival team, the children in the juries of the various competitions and the teachers who support and accompany them. I wish the festival enthusiastic audiences, the visitors memorable cinema experiences and the city of Chemnitz cheerful festival days with the flair of the big wide world.

Stanislaw Tillich
Minister President of the Free State of Saxony
and Patron of the Festival


Dear SCHLINGEL visitors,

films and cinema fascinate us from an early age and accompany us for a lifetime. Who does not remember a few but very special movies from his childhood and youth?

This fascination connects all those who have organised the International Film Festival SCHLINGEL for years with those visiting it. The boundaries are fluid. You may have watched the competition entries spellbound as a child or a teenager a few years ago and participate in it with your own film project today.

The SCHLINGEL has always succeeded in combining the worlds in front of and behind the screen. In addition to the film contributions, there are workshops, panel discussions, seminars and even a symposium on children's and youth films. And especially the youngest can learn, for example in the children's jury, to actively deal with films and their contents.

This almost scientific interest fits Chemnitz. In fact, the Chemnitz people are said to be a little more curious and seeing behind the curtain. The city is looking forward to this SCHLINGEL and only too happy to cede its centre to the children and young people.

I want to thank the organisers who always make the SCHLINGEL new and exciting. I wish all visitors much fun and good entertainment.

Barbara Ludwig
Lord Mayor of the city of Chemnitz


The SCHLINGEL has come of age! For the past 18 years, the International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience SCHLINGEL has invited thousands of young and old cineastes to Chemnitz. This year again, they can look forward to a show of German and international filmmaking, whose scope is very impressive. Festival director Michael Harbauer and his viewing committee could choose from about 700 current films from 71 countries including China, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela when drawing up the programme of over 100 festival entries. The Netherlands, which are in the focus of attention this year, will provide attractive highlights too.

I consider strengthening the children's film a major task. The film promotion of my ministry therefore strongly focuses on exactly this field. Together with the Young German Film Committee, we promote the creation of artistically ambitious children's films from the script, project development through to production. Furthermore, my ministry is involved in the init

iative “The special children’s film.” The aim of this widely supported initiative is to give children’s films in Germany greater weight and presence. The children's film will also be given more attention in the new film funding law. Let us work together to strengthen the film culture for children in Germany and to increase its diversity. The SCHLINGEL makes an important contribution here.

I want to thank the festival team and its director, Michael Harbauer, for their passionate commitment to children’s and youth films. I wish the visitors, who can look forward to outstanding productions from all over the world in the forthcoming days, special cinematic experience and successful festival days.

  Bernd Neumann, Member of Parliament

Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor



The SCHLINGEL has grown up! For the 18th time in succession, films are shown specifically for children and young audiences at an international film festival in Chemnitz. It is wonderful that the adult SCHLINGEL does not hesitate to present films about and for children not only to its ever-growing fan community, but also to the critical European children's jury appointed for the eleventh time this year.

As a longtime companion and supporter of this film festival, the Saxon State Agency for Private Broadcasting and New Media (SLM) knows the importance of paying particular attention to the children's film. It is good that several initiatives have been launched in central Germany to give the children’s film a better chance in Germany. SCHLINGEL is one of them because it has become a platform for dedicated filmmakers, curious spectators and supporters who find it great that more and more young people go to the cinema. Here in Chemnitz, they have created a SCHLINGEL which can compete with the rest of the world. We wish our SCHLINGEL festival a long life, a strong heart for children and that its films successfully find their way to the cinema, TV and network marketing.

Michael Sagurna

President of the
Media Council of SLM


This year, 124 films from 38 countries will enter the SCHLINGEL stage. In addition, there are the eight productions of the CineStar meets SCHLINGEL series. The Galerie Roter Turm will play a major role. SCHLINGEL movies will be shown on 7 screens at Cinestar – the cinema of the Galerie. Moreover, the Galerie Roter Turm accommodates the festival centre, the film bar and the festival restaurant.

This year again, the Schlingel Talk format will present public talks and discussions on films screened in the cinema halls. For the first time and in cooperation with the Saxon Ministry of Culture as well as the Saxon Education Agency, a conference entitled “The children’s film and the role of adults – an interdisciplinary exchange” will be organised for teachers from all over Saxony during the festival. A panel discussion, organised jointly with the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA), will address the same topic.

This festival will also be a special one for the European children’s jury appointed for the eleventh time. This year, the jury consisting of 18 children from nine different countries of our continent may set an even clearer signal for the film world through its vote. Thanks to the support of Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk and the Saxon Ministry of Science and Art the “European Children’s Film Award” will be endowed with a total of 11,000 euros. Of these, 1,000 euros as a recognition of the director’s work and 10,000 euros as a promotion prize for the German-language dubbed version of the film.

A premiere is also the assessment of the competitive spectrum for children by a jury of International Federation of Film Critics and Film Journalists FIPRESCI.

The SCHLINGEL festival has the great pleasure of honouring Thilo Graf Rothkirch, an internationally successful producer of animated children’s films. Movies such as “The Little Polar Bear” or “Laura’s Star” have enthralled millions of children worldwide.

SCHLINGEL traditionally accompanies current children’s and youth film productions in geopolitical Eastern Europe with a particular interest. This year we would like to pay special attention to the Netherlands and acknowledge our neighbour’s very successful filmmaking for children and young people with a current focus.

The 18th SCHLINGEL will start on 14 October. We welcome all festival guests in Chemnitz and wish them a pleasant and interesting time.


Michael Harbauer
Festival Director